Digitalforge are a small Irish owned dynamic company 

Founded in 2004 to address the lack of high speed connectivity in Schull, we have grown and spread to many parts of West Cork.

Digitalforge are a small Irish owned dynamic company with many combined years of experience. Founded in 2004 to address the lack of high speed connectivity in Schull, we have grown and spread to many parts of West Cork.

Over the past 15 years the company has been increasing the coverage areas and network speeds to bring reliable, competitively priced phone and broadband to more areas of West Cork via 32+ base stations.

Not being constrained by out of date infrastructure and being a small company has enabled us to be nimble and deploy the latest Wireless technologies soon after reaching the market. As a result we can offer some of the fastest wireless speeds offered in the country to some of the most remote locations in the country.

We have built in redundant lines, backup power supplies and 24/7 network monitoring tools to ensure the network stays live even during the roughest of West Cork winters.

About Us

Digitalforge began in May 2004 when Brendan Hurley, a native of Schull who had returned after nearly 20 years abroad, discovered that there was no Broadband available in Schull, or indeed most rural parts of West Cork.

Brendan drew on his years of experience as a Cisco, Microsoft and Red Hat certified computer professional, with years of training and experience on numerous platforms for companies large and small in London, New York, Dublin and Auckland. He put all those years of knowledge to work in building a Wireless Broadband Network for his home town and surrounds. Over the past 15 years, he has upgraded the network using the latest technologies to keep it State of the Art for years to come.



Brendan is ably assisted by his Kiwi wife, Jane, who has over 30 years of computing experience gained in Auckland, London and New Jersey. She has experience in Mid-range Systems Management, PC Support, Applications Support, Network and Technical Support. She specialized in the growing area of customer support, designing, implementing and supporting call centre databases and reporting systems. Jane is now responsible for the accounts department of Digitalforge.



Jan Paulini has been with us now nearly 13 years. Jan looks after the telephone systems and backend computer systems. He provides telephone technical support to our customers, maintains our access points and network. He is Brendan’s right hand man and leaps into the fold when the demand for on-site customer support is up. Though many may hear a German accent, the staff at Digitalforge know he is most fluent at binary, communicating in bits and bytes with all things technical..



Benedikt Vepy for the majority of our customers is the installation and repair man. Beno has been installing and maintaining our customers’ equipment with a happy smile on his face for the last 12 years. Beno came to us from Slovakia where he also worked with wireless broadband installations.



Peter Burton has been with us for a couple of years now performing installations and fixes. He hails from the UK originally and has wide background experience including metalwork’s and wireless broadband installations.



Mary Leonard joined us a couple of years ago to run the day to day administration. She is a West Cork native who has returned home after many years in the UK. She organises new installations & fixes, takes care of customer payments and numerous other administrative duties.



Sean O’Connell has been with us for a few years heading up our sales department. Sean has lived in West Cork most of his life, though his accent still gives away the fact that he spent his formative years in the UK. Sean has a varied background that includes marketing and phone & broadband sales.