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What is Wireless Broadband?
How Does it Work?
How do I know if I have line of sight?
How long can we expect to wait for an installation once we have requested it?
Is there an installation fee?
How do I pay for my service?
How do I know that I am getting the speeds that I am paying for?
What if I have a problem with my service?
Can I continue to use my existing email address?
How do I know how much of my download limit I am using?
Can I use my fax machine with this service?

Phone FAQs

What Equipment is included with the Phone Service?
What if I want to have more than one handset?
Can I keep my existing telephone number?
How does it work? What do I have to do in order to make a call?
How do I access/set up my voicemail?
How do I log into my online account and check my usage or simulate what a call may cost me?
How do I top up my account via PayPal or Credit card?