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Find answers to commonly-asked questions about Broadband and the phone service FAQ Section

To check you speed please perform a test at http://www.speedtest.net  or http://test.digitalforge.ie

To check the latency on your connection (how well your connection can handle on-line gaming and internet calls) use http://www.pingtest/net

If our operators are busy helping other customers or if you are calling outside of these hours please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as an operator is available.

Please note our Access Points are electronically monitored 24 hours a day and technicians respond to issues affecting multiple users immediately. Individual customer antenna are not monitored. Call-outs to customer sites must be booked through the office during regular office hours. Technicians work Monday through Friday.

We recommend you follow the following simple steps before calling the help desk. Power off and on the power source for the antenna (wait about 10 seconds before turning back on). Wait a further 30 seconds then do the same for a router or switch (if you have one) lastly power down and restart your computer(s). Check that all cables are firmly plugged in, power sockets are functioning and cables are plugged in the right way. Frequently these few steps will resolve your issue.

Our technicians will perform a “Ping” operation to your antenna and if a reply is received the broadband service is deemed to be live. Further troubleshooting is at the discretion of the technician and while many common computer problems can be resolved over the phone, you may need the services of a qualified computer technician.